Soros-Funded Evangelical Leaders Demand DHS Release Illegal Immigrants into the Streets During Coronavirus


Russell Moore isn’t a Christian leader, he’s a political activist — and a far-left one at that. Russell Moore is the head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and a political change agent. A former Democratic staff member, Moore has taken his leftist political ideology and transformed the Southern Baptist Convention into a progressive organization wrought with anti-Christian ideologies such as Critical Race Theory.

Russell Moore is a staunch advocate of releasing criminals from detention centers because he thinks that this is a “gospel” issue. For whatever reason, Moore thinks that by the civil government releasing those who’ve broken the law back into society is somehow better in advancing the gospel than it is to keep them detained.

Moore has consistently advocated for an open-borders agenda by calling for such actions as restitution-based amnesty — an idea he got from George Soros. And while he should be — according to his job description — advocating for religious liberty amid the coronavirus crisis, instead, he’s shilling for civil governments who are stifling freedom and defending their unconstitutional actions.

Now, he’s calling on the nation’s Department of Homeland Security to release illegal immigrant detainees because, somehow, since they’re “made in the image of God,” that means we should resort to lawlessness.

In a letter penned by the Soros-funded Evangelical Immigration Table shared to the Associated Press prior to its public release, the press reports that Moore, along with several other leftist pro-amnesty Evangelical leaders penned a letter to Chad Wolf, head of the Department, calling on them to release criminals back into society and let churches deal with them.

“Our concern is rooted in our Christian belief that each human life is made in the image of God and thus precious, and, like you, we want to do everything possible to minimize the loss of life as a result of this pandemic,” Moore and the others wrote according to the AP.

The AP also reported that the evangelical leaders would “encourage the many churches and ministries within our networks to provide any assistance they can,” because, having thousands of criminal illegals roaming the streets and sleeping on church floors is going to be much better for society than dealing with them through our legal system.

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