Al Mohler Admits Donald Trump has Governed Like a Conservative, Will Vote For Him in 2020


The Evangelical progressive branch basically consists of The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission along with the hundreds of thousands of mindless un-critical thinkers who blindly follow the lead of those who have an agenda to push at these two twin organizations. And for the past four years, this progressive branch has maligned and criticized any conservatives who would have dared to openly support Donald Trump on the basis of “compromising the gospel” because Donald Trump is “immoral.”

One of the most prominent leaders behind the scenes of the Evangelical movement is Al Mohler who, while less blatantly vocal about his positions, has quietly supported and orchestrated the movement from within — strategically placing people in positions of vocal leadership to carry out their movement. One of these men is Russell Moore. Moore spent the entire year prior to the presidential election in 2016 criticizing Donald Trump and insulting any Christian who would dare support him — at one point even drawing the ire of Trump himself who referred to him as a “nasty guy.”

There is no argument that Moore is a protege and product of Al Mohler, and Mohler has never once openly opposed Moore for his actions.

Now, all of a sudden, Mohler comes out and says that even though he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 over his moral issues, today calls for a different strategy and he will be voting for the Republican ticket no matter who’s on it — including Donald Trump. He spends approximately ten minutes during a Q&A session defending his reasoning for doing so and essentially admitting that the Democrat party is evil, wicked, and dangerous while Donald Trump has actually governed like a conservative.

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Well, duhhh… we’ve been saying that for years. In fact, that was our argument four years ago. While they were busy supporting Roman Catholic Marco Rubio and calling him a Christian and supporting abortion pill-pushing Seventh Day Adventist, Ben Carson, they were saying that Trump supporters were the ones compromising the gospel because we supported someone who said gross things to women. But none of us — on the Bible-believing conservative end of the spectrum anyways — has ever once said Donald Trump is a Christian.

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While we’re glad that Al Mohler has come to his senses, the question still remains: what has changed that in 2016, voting for Trump was a compromise of the gospel but in 2020, it’s not?

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