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Leftists Spread Nails at Entrances of Church Parking Lot to Discourage Worship and Gathering



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The leftists are clearly using the coronavirus pandemic to ridicule and target churches despite the fact that most churches that choose to continue meeting are following the guidelines set forth by the CDC for social distancing.

While states, like Kentucky and North Carolina have issued stay-at-home orders, these orders for the most part exempt certain activities that they deem “essential.” For some states, its grocery shopping, manufacturing, liquor, and abortions while few states have exempted church gatherings. Most states disallow church gatherings and some have taken it as far as to make drive-in services illegal as well.

It is clear, however, that despite the Constitutional protections afforded religious gatherings, leftists are using the pandemic to stifle the free expression of religion.

One church in Kentucky on Easter Sunday found themselves sweeping up nails from the entrance of the parking lot that someone decided to leave to discourage the service. Maryville Baptist Church found piles of nails at every entrance.

And while the church service continued anyways, the cops were there watching closely and harassing the congregation anyway writing down license-plate numbers and issuing quarantine notices and leaving them on cars.

It’s really sad how close we’ve come to embracing a dystopian form of totalitarianism.


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[…] Leftists Spread Nails at Entrances of Church Parking Lot to Discourage Worship and Gathering […]

[…] can rest assured that this is only the beginning. While left-wing activists are pouring nails into church parking lots to stop church-goers from having drive-in services, cops being forced to break up small church […]

[…] gatherings despite the warnings from the government against doing so.  Left-wing activists are pouring nails into church parking lots to stop church-goers from having drive-in services, cops are being forced to break up small […]

[…] social distancing orders, despite the fact they never even get out of their cars. Leftists are pouring nails into the parking lots churches trying to keep them home — interestingly, they had to leave home to do that. And a Louisiana […]

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