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It’s Okay to Gather for Drive-in Non-Essential Gatherings So Long as it Isn’t in a Church Parking Lot, Apparently


I have a lot of respect for our nation’s first responders, I really do. Our police and firefighters often put their lives on the lines to protect the citizens. But in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many of our nation’s police have taken a ‘martial law’ approach to their job and have become, in many cases, servants of tyrants.

We hear of case-after-case where churches hold gatherings — some of them ‘drive-in’ gatherings to worship and listen to the pastor preach only to find themselves being harassed by the police, fined, and ordered to disperse and go home. In most states, church has not been deemed “essential” enough to warrant Constitutional protection.

That being said, some people seem to be exempt from these stay at home orders. At Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital in Kentucky, firefighters and police held a drive-in gathering to honor healthcare workers amid the crisis. Yet, for some reason, this is okay.

Let’s get this straight — it’s okay to gather for a non-essential drive-in gathering so long as it isn’t in a church parking lot? Noted.

Again, this isn’t to knock the police or firefighters — I’m actually glad they did this. But the hypocrisy here is worth pointing out and it’s clear — abundantly clear — that churches are being singled out and abused during this crisis.

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