After Cops Break Up Church Service, Congregation Heads to Wal-Mart to Enter Without Hindrance


First Pentecostal Church in a Holly Springs, MS pastored by Jerry Waldrop took their Easter Sunday worship service to Wal-Mart after being told by local police to stop their gathering amid the novel coronavirus. To make a point, the Church decided to take their entire congregation to the local Wal-Mart — where far more people were already gathered — to protest the unconstitutional order to limit the free expression of religion.

The church took their congregation to the Wal-Mart to prove that every one of them could get in without a hindrance — along with other people — yet the very same people couldn’t gather at their own church building. They were able to enter the store without any hindrance until it was revealed that they were a church congregation … then they were told to leave.

“This is deeper than coronavirus,” Waldrop says, “people need to wake up and see it…are the people that’s been contacting this coronavirus, are they getting it in the churches? Where are that contacting this virus? Where’s it coming from? Where does it originate? Where are they getting these viruses at?”


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