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Pro-gun Christian Woman Dies of Coronavirus, Leftists Take to Social Media to Laugh and Mock Her



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On March 14, Karen Kolb Sehlke took to Facebook to rant about what she believed to be an overblown situation through the media hyping up the coronavirus pandemic. In her rant, she expressed her concern that the left-wing media would seize the opportunity to advance a socialist agenda while destroying the rights of the American people.

Below is what she wrote:

While these concerns are certainly valid and should be addressed, Sehlke’s lack of concern for the reality of the danger this virus poses on the health of individuals soon turned a battle for her own life that she ultimately lost on April 2.

But that didn’t stop the godless left from launching an attack. Instead of feeling remorse and sorrow for the loss of life and family, leftists laughed, mocked, and ridiculed her, noting that the loss of this mother’s life “made them happy.”

Below are some of the comments posted on left-wing Reddit forums:


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