Amid Coronavirus, Annual “Woke” T4G Conference Still Charging Nearly $300 For Livestream Tickets


Together for the Gospel, or T4G, is an annual woke Evangelical conference featuring some of the brightest minds in Evangelical social justice warriorism including Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and John Piper. The event exists for the sole purpose of uniting Evangelicals around one movement — merging social justice with the gospel.

This year, the event was scheduled to be held in Louisville, KY at the KFC Yum Center. The cost ranged from $169 for students to $299 for general admission. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, the event has moved to an online stream and thousands of people will not gather together in the large coliseum to listen Critical Race Theorists and advocates of intersectionality guilt them into social action — instead, they watch from their television and computer screens.

And they’ll do this for the same whopping price of $299.

It’s unfathomable how one can justify that price for a live stream event when the real event — held in a real place — is the exact same price. But here’s there explanation:

This news has its challenges for us as an organization. We have already invested your registration money, purchasing things like

— Zero Dollar Books – 17 titles free of charge to all attendees
— 13,000 conference guides
— The mailer that delivered your wristbands
— Travel for nearly 100 speakers and volunteer team leaders
— Audio/video contracts

This money is spent and we cannot get most of it back, which means, if everyone requests a full refund, we will go bankrupt and cannot host this conference in future years.

Well, now, we wouldn’t want that, would we? Because, after all, you can enjoy your $299 worth of books hand-picked by Al Mohler and Mark Dever and feel good about keeping these elites in business all at the same time.

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