Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Drag Queens Now Offering Homeschool Story Hour Online


As the world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, some of the light in the tunnel has been the reduction of abortions and parents being forced to figure out how to homeschool. These are a few of the positive aspects of this health crisis.

Another positive aspect has been that kids can’t gather in public libraries for Drag Queen Story Hour — another serious health plague the nation has been facing for several years which is far worse than the coronavirus.

Until now, that is. Now, drag queens are starting to offer their “teaching time” online so idiotic parents can now turn their children over to perverts online to be indoctrinated into the LGBTQ lifestyle.

A popular drag queen who goes by the name “Nina West,” from Columbus, OH is offering Homeschooled With Nina. As the FBI and every other law enforcement agency in the world has been trying to crack down on online child solicitation, some parents are happily turning their children over to them in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion.”

Touted as “Suitable for all ages, especially the young at heart, but carefully programmed to be fun, educational, and safe for children,” Homeschooled With Nina will “entertain” young children with “Sing along to songs from Nina’s hit children’s album Drag Is Magic as well as some of your favorites! And yes, requests will be taken! DRESS UP is encouraged! Come as your favorite pirate, princess, doctor, or queen! Watch from the comfort of your home, on STAGEIT.COM”

Sick! Parents should be held accountable for turning their children over to this pedophile ring online.

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