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Tucker Carlson Cites Chinese Research: Killer Coronavirus Probably Originated From a Laboratory in Wuhan


On March 31, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson called into question the official claim that the Chinese coronavirus originated from Horseshoe Bats in a wet market — that is, an exotic food market — in Wuhan. Carlson cites a paper (seen at this link) that has been readily available on the internet for at least two months that concluded that the killer coronavirus “probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

Scientists widely accept that the coronavirus originated from the Horseshoe Bat but call into question the Horseshoe Bat. However, research does not add up and there is no evidence that any of these bats were actually sold at these wet markets in Wuhan. In fact, there is no evidence that there are any colonies of these particular bats within 900 miles of Wuhan. Two laboratories in Wuhan, however, harbor these bats for study.

Could this pandemic actually be the result of dangerous operations taking place in Chinese Communist virology labs? Tucker Carlson reports:

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