NT Wright Says Christianity Offers “No Answers” to Coronavirus Pandemic


Highly influential English theologian and New Testament scholar — who is known for his “new perspective on Paul” heresy, but is still highly regarded in Evangelical circles — says that Christianity “offers no answers” for the current coronavirus pandemic.

In an article he penned at Time titled Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus. It’s Not Supposed To, Wright attempts to make the case that Christians who argue that “God is doing this” are “silly.”

“No doubt the usual silly suspects will tell us why God is doing this to us,” Wright lectures, “A punishment? A warning? A sign? These are knee-jerk would-be Christian reactions in a culture which, generations back, embraced rationalism: everything must have an explanation.”

Wright’s determination can only stem from a lack of belief in God’s sovereignty and His purpose in the fall of creation — to display his judgment and mercy to a rebellious humanity. Of course the Scriptures offer answers to what is currently happening. We are a world largely devoid of the gospel in a fallen world and the real question we should be asking is this: why did God wait so long to unleash this judgment?

Instead, Wright offers up an alternative to seeking answers in Christianity. Lament. While lament is certainly a biblical calling, his assertion that the Scriptures do not offer answers is patently absurd. He concludes,

It is no part of the Christian vocation, then, to be able to explain what’s happening and why. In fact, it is part of the Christian vocation not to be able to explain—and to lament instead. As the Spirit laments within us, so we become, even in our self-isolation, small shrines where the presence and healing love of God can dwell. And out of that there can emerge new possibilities, new acts of kindness, new scientific understanding, new hope. New wisdom for our leaders? Now there’s a thought.

In the words of John MacArthur, N.T. Wright is N.T. Wrong! In fact, it isn’t enough to offer up that Christianity has the answers to what is going on — literally speaking, Christianity is the answer. We rebelled against God and God cursed the world. Yet, he was merciful enough not to wipe us all out at once but instead, send us a savior in His son, Jesus Christ. The answer cannot be found anywhere else but in the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why does N.T. Wright not get this?

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