Anglican Church Launches LGBTI Chaplaincy Service to Make Church a “Safe Space for All”


The Anglican Church — the apostate denomination of which The Gospel Coalition’s Sam Allberry belongs — has launched it’s LGBTI Chaplaincy Service in an effort to “provide a safe space and dignity for every person at a time when these cannot be taken for granted.”

The service, which was launched at the Diocese of Oxford, touts that it is “part of a diocesan-wide commitment to foster an attitude of inclusion and respect across the diversity of sexual and gender identities in our church and in the world.”

Sam Alberry, Anglican Priest preaching at Southern Baptist ERLC Conference
Sam Alberry, Anglican Priest preaching at Southern Baptist ERLC Conference

According to the website, homosexuals and other sexually aberrant individuals can fill out a confidential form online and request to speak to a chaplain who will then listen to their “lived experience” with “compassion” and will answer any “questions, concerns, or pastoral needs relating to issues of gender or sexuality.”

The website states that the Church is launching this service because the LGBTI community “within the Diocese requested it” and that “The Church is seeking to understand diversity and trying to discern how to respond pastorally and theologically to the questions raised by realities such as same-sex marriage, gender variance or intersex conditions.”

Of course, the clear Scriptural teachings on sexuality are not spoken of anywhere on the website and the website is clear that the chaplaincy service will seek to affirm homosexuality as the Anglican and Episcopal Churches have done in so many other ways. According to the website, what you can expect from the service is “they will be affirming and accepting of you,” “they will be with you in your pain, anxiety, and in your joy,” and they will not “judge you,” “seek to change you,” or “tell you what to do.”

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