Six Month Pregnant Woman Fighting For Life Pleas for People to Follow Coronavirus Cautions

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A 39-year-old mother of three who is now six months pregnant with her fourth issues and emotional plea for people to start taking the coronavirus warnings seriously.

Karen Mannering of Thurrock, UK speaks from her hospital bed while on a ventilator stating that she doesn’t know how she caught the virus, but she’s been sick for two weeks, has pneumonia in both lungs, and is unable to see her family.

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She says she is now fighting for her life and the life of her baby stating adding “I’m telling you now, if you’re going to see your friends for a stupid beer on the sea walk because the weather’s nice, you’re going to take this home.

“And you’re going to kill someone, one of your family members,” she added.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?

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