NY Hospitals Urging Gays to Stock Up on Anti-HIV Drugs So They Can Continue Having Sex During Coronavirus Crisis

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The coronavirus pandemic is bad, but it hasn’t taken anywhere close to the number of lives that the HIV pandemic has caused over the years which is rampant through the LGBTQ community. The already disease-ridden community is particularly susceptible to coronavirus as they are already at high risk for AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases which lowers their immune systems.

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But NY Hospitals, the nation’s largest public health system, has the answers — and it isn’t social distancing. Instead, they want to make sure the LGBTQ community stocks up on drugs like PrEP, an anti-HIV medication, and hormones, which are used by “transgender” people who are confused about their own sex.

Referring to these drugs as “essential” sounds a lot like some “communities” referring to abortion “services” as “essential.” It’s simply asinine that we live in a culture where gay sex and abortion are considered essential but churches are having to close down.

Of course, the only reason an anti-HIV medication like PrEP would be “essential” is if you’re actively practicing unprotected sodomy with multiple partners.

So while this coronavirus disease is taking out people left and right with a highly contagious and highly infectious disease that most people weren’t even aware existed until a few weeks ago, NY Hospitals wants gays and lesbians to know that you’re safe so long as you have your essential medications.

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