Michigan Pastor Preaches from Church Roof as People Listen From Their Vehicles

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Pastor Ken Pierpont of Bethel Church in Jackson, MI conducted a worship service from the rooftop of his church building Sunday morning as congregants stayed in their vehicles and tuned in to FM channel 99.9 to listen to the preaching.

“Everybody’s trying to be creative,” Pierpont told Michigan Live. “Everybody’s got a YouTube video or devotional to try and think of creative ways to help, which I think is really sweet.”

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While so many churches are trying to figure out how to continue to meet without risking the lives of thousands of people during the coronavirus pandemic, many have turned to online streaming services, pre-recorded preaching sessions, and other various forms of non-contact digitally-based assembling.

But nothing can replace the actual, geographically-connected assembling of the local church. It looks like this church may have figured out the best way to go forward with this at least in the short term. Not only does the constitution of the United States not allow government to interfere with the freedom of people to assemble and practice their religion unhindered, but the Scriptures command it.

God bless this church for their creativity and obedience.

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