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Catholic Church Offering “Drive-Through” Confessional and Penance During Coronavirus Lockdown


A Roman Catholic church is offering a drive-through confessional for Catholics to come and have their sins “absolved” during the coronavirus pandemic. Scott Holmer, Catholic priest at St. Edward the Confessor Parish in Bowie, Maryland in the Archdiocese of Washington told the Catholic News Agency “this is where we priests have to be creative about how to bring Christ to people when we can’t do that in our church buildings.”

Instead of preaching the Word of God and giving them the gospel, Catholic priests take advantage of their congregations by playing into their conscience and forcing them to confess their sins day-after-day to a priest and enslaving them to an endless system of penance that can never actually bring salvation.

Sadly, many are falling for this and will only become more reliant on man-made traditions. They will never be able to have true peace as they can never have actual assurance of their salvation. They can never fully trust God because they are taught that every sin they commit separates them from God and to earn back that reconciliation, they have to confess to a priest and do penance.

For more on the Roman Catholic Church and its aberrant beliefs, see this link.

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