Trump’s Spiritual Advisor, Paula White Bilking People for Money Amid Coronavirus Fears


Right now is a time of confusion for many people, including Christians. Dare I say, many born-again Christians — though the Scriptures teach us that God has not given us a spirit of fear — are still quite nervous about the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. It’s human nature. People are out of work, children are out of school, and higher-risk people are concerned about their health and even their lives.

However, many of the spiritual fraudsters, in the spirit of progressive leftist Rahm Emmanuel, are not letting this crisis go to waste — including Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor, Paula White. Sadly, she is enabled by mainstream Southern Baptists like Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham.

Paula White is playing on the natural fears and human nature during this crisis to bilk people for money. During a coronavirus “prayer session” yesterday, Paula White asks people to “sow a seed” — a term used by prosperity gospel frauds to trick people into thinking they’re getting a financial return on their givings — of nine dollars or ninety-one dollars. She doesn’t care, she says, so long as she gets her rent money by Friday.

So, let’s not forget that Paula White is the same one who had a sexual affair with another prosperity gospel fraud, Benny Hinn and also says she went to the throne room of God and saw him face to face. It’s baffling that so many people still fall for her shenanigans, including the president of the United States.

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