Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Organizers Vow to Bring a Gay Pride Flesh Festival to Los Angeles in 2020

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While the recent pandemic of the coronavirus is shutting down churches and other organized events around the globe, gays are promising that despite the outbreak, to bring a gay pride march to Los Angeles at some point in 2020.

Sane people would look at the crisis and, at the behest of medical experts, avoid unnecessary contact with the public until the pandemic has eased — and that isn’t expected to happen for a while. However, organizers of Los Angeles annual gay pride festival — a flesh festival where infectious diseases are already far more prevalent than in the general population — are promising that even though it may be delayed, there will be a gay pride march in 2020.

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The LA Pride event is one of the largest in the nation and was scheduled for June 12-14 for 2020. However, they are already looking at other dates.

“In the coming weeks and months, we will make sure that the spirit of Pride is not forgotten,” the organizers said in a letter to Los Angeles homosexuals. “We are still working out all the details, but we can guarantee that LA’s LGBTQ+ community — and the entire world — will not get through 2020 without a Pride celebration to remember.”

It should be noted that a “community” that is already at a much higher risk for infectious diseases is unscathed by the outbreak but churches, Christians, and others who are taking precautions to stay clean and avoid the outbreak are the ones being affected the most. This is seriously a world that is under the judgment of God as so many are under a delusion of false security.

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