SBC President Approves of Female Prosperity Gospel LGBTQ Preacher on Blasphemous TBN Network


The Southern Baptist Convention is so far down a trajectory that it’s nearly impossible to imagine any kind of turn-around at this point. Taken down the road to hell by progressives like president J.D. Greear and ERLC president, Russell Moore, the denomination has embraced leftist politics and ideologies that are foreign to the Scriptures as the effeminate latte-sipping elites who’ve never in their life shared the gospel outside of their church walls cheer them on.

From embracing same-sex-attraction and gay singleness as something “good” for the Church to the social justice movement that seeks to undermine the Scriptures while elevating secular philosophies as central to understanding life and spirituality, the denomination has long-forgotten its conservative, biblical roots.

Putting the denomination further at odds with God’s clear command and design for His people is the “soft complementarian” movement. Soft complementarianism is nothing more than egalitarianism rebranded with a new name to make it sound a little better to conservatives — but true conservatives are not falling for it. The movement seeks to place women in the pulpits around Southern Baptist churches and place women in the role and function of church elders despite the Scriptures admonition to abstain from such foolishness.

J.D. Greear is one of the foremost leading this movement as he — the president of the Southern Baptist Convention — cheers on the rebellion of women in pulpits around the globe. And his latest ovation goes to “ex-lesbian” (who says she’s still attracted to women) female preacher who affirms the heresies of Bethel Church, Jackie Hill Perry.

Hill Perry has not only affirmed the prosperity gospel — which she says is not heresy — but has also attacked John MacArthur over his complementarian views while asserting he’s an egotistical bigot. She has joined up with heretic, Rick Warren to promote the “Coptic Mother Theresa” — an ecumenical movement that parades social justice warriors from a myriad of denominations for the sole purpose of advancing the secular cause of social justice in the name of Christianity.

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Hill Perry was disinvited from the Answers in Genesis conference last year because of her outright embrace of the heretical prosperity gospel movement.

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