Governor Asks All Churches in Kentucky to Cancel Services to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus


Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear called on all churches in the commonwealth to halt their services to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“I don’t believe whether you go to church during this period of time is a test of faith.” Beshear said in a statement Wednesday. “I believe God gives us wisdom to protect each other and we should do that. I’m going to recommend that our churches across Kentucky cancel their services for this weekend.”

“Again, I know that’s a big step. I know some won’t agree with it.”

The governor has also recommended visitation restrictions at nursing facilities across the state. Kentucky’s Justice and Public Safety secretary, Mary Noble said that because people in these situations are confined, “these decisions are being made out of deep concern for the health and welfare of the state’s people — including those who are incarcerated.”

It’s unclear whether the restrictions will become mandatory and if so, the constitutionality of the restrictions would likely be challenged. Islamic mosques were not mentioned.

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