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Kari Jobe Sells Her Soul to the Devil, Drops New Album With Elevation Church and Bethel’s Cody Carnes


It’s not news that Kari Jobe has been dabbling with heterodoxy for quite some time. Jobe, a highly popular worship artist in mainstream contemporary Christian music has a hard time getting a good grasp on sound theology and translating that into her lyrics.

It’s now time to welcome Kari Jobe to rank heresy.

Kari Jobe is best known for her music that romanticizes man’s relationship with Christ whereby she –and many other popular worship artists, including men — treat Jesus more like a romantic fling than the Majesty on High. In the article at this link, Reformation Charlotte breaks down the lyrics of one of her other most popular songs and explains how her view of Christ’s death is steeped in the idolatrous Word of Faith movement. In fact, most mainstream contemporary music is steeped in pagan idolatry.

Recently, Jobe dropped a new song, The Blessing, with the highly controversial and pseudo-Christian church, Elevation Church, which is pastored by modalist heretic, Steven Furtick (who recently received a nearly nude bronze statue of King David from T.D. Jakes for being a narcissist) along with Bethel Redding’s Cody Carnes.

These two churches are among the most blasphemous and idolatrous false churches in the entire world. Bethel — who regularly fakes miracles and apparitions of the Holy Spirit — is neck-deep in the false theology of dead-raising. They practice witchcraft and outright demonic and Satanic rituals such as grave-sucking. Elevation’s Steven Furtick has been deemed a heretic by any discernable standard with his constant self-idolatry style of preaching himself into the Scriptures. You simply can’t get much worse than these two “churches.”

But Kari Jobe obviously isn’t about glorifying God, she’s about advancing her musical career — and what better way to do that than to completely sell her soul to the devil. Not to mention, the lyrics of the song are so shallow an atheist could sing them. Sadly, this music will likely continue to pervade modern Evangelical churches since much of the professing Church has exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator.

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