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Former Pastor at Flagship Southern Baptist Church in Georgia “Marries” Another Man

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First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA outside of Atlanta is one of the Southern Baptist Convention’s largest churches, serves as a flagship megachurch, and up until a couple of years ago, was pastored by former Southern Baptist president, Johnny Hunt.

The church is now pastored by Jeremy Morton.

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However, during Johnny Hunt’s tenure at Woodstock, another man by the name of Roy Blankenship served as a pastor and senior minister of the church’s counseling center. This pastor served on staff at the church for twenty years, according to Seth Dunn, a former attendee of the church and counseled people on their sex lives, marriage, and other mental health-related issues.

Little did the unsuspecting congregation know, Blankenship was a sexually confused homosexual who would rather sodomize — or be sodomized by — another man. And, eventually, in June of 2019, he carried out his perverted fantasy and “married” another man.

According to Blankenship’s LinkedIn profile, he stepped down on his own accord from his role at FBC Woodstock. It is almost impossible to believe that Johnny Hunt or any of the other staff was unaware of Blankenship’s perverted desires. Blankenship writes in a blog post last January that he had struggled with these desires his entire life and only married his wife (now deceased) out of obligation.

My now deceased wife Nancy and I married on May 15, 1983. The decision to marry Nancy was a conscious choice I made. It was driven by two things: the fact that she had become my best friend; and my faith conviction at that time, that I was to be in a heterosexual relationship.

He goes on to say that he isn’t sure that he ever actually loved her in a “romantic sense.” He sure loves his new “husband” in a “romantic sense,” though.

During his time at FBC Woodstock, the man who now fornicates with another man says that he never promoted the idea that one’s sexual orientation could change — a notion now being largely pushed by progressive Evangelical outlets such as The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

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Over the years however, I have never promoted the idea of changing one’s sexual orientation. In the early years, I was taught that one could change their orientation. Yet, as I tried to experience such change, it never happened. In my later years, and in my ministry work, I came to believe that such change is not possible.

Why it isn’t a red flag that people like this are the ones leading the Evangelical sexual revolution is mind-boggling. It’s now clear that an unregenerate man lived a lie and served countless people a false hope and a false gospel at one of the largest Southern Baptist Churches in the world for two decades.

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