Mark Dever Promotes Narrative That Cops Are Out to Shoot and Kill Black Kids


Sadly, Mark Dever and his 9Marks ministry have taken a sharp turn to the progressive left in the last few years. It was once a solid ministry that promoted sound theology and doctrine and good orthopraxy but has largely become an Evangelical outlet for the Marxist-based social justice gospel movement.

Dever has recently promoted many anti-conservative views and embraced left-wing politics and has even legitimized Christians voting for pro-abortion candidates in an effort to be more “inclusive” of Democrats and liberals in the Church. His church offers Sunday School classes on social justice, identity politics, intersectionality, and white privilege and he says he doesn’t believe that the modern abortion epidemic is as bad as Hitler’s holocaust.

Now, a video has surfaced where Dever is promoting the false narrative that white cops are out to kill black kids and better constantly watch their backs when they start driving. This kind of rhetoric — when promoted by influential Evangelical leaders — is not only racially divisive, it’s biblically irresponsible and should be opposed.

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