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Wisconsin School Discovers Transgender Bathroom Idea Was Dumb After Child Molested



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According to some SBC seminary professors, accomodating transgenders with various restroom policies — as opposed to simply acknowledging that transgenderism is insanity — is as commonsensical as it is refreshing. But one school in Wisconson learned the hard way that accommodating madness was, well, less than commonsensical.

Last week, an 18-year-old high school student was arrested on charges of molesting a minor inside of the transgender-accomodating restroom. Austin Sauer, a student at Rhinelander High School is facing charges of child enticement, fourth degree sexual assault and exposing genitals to a child, according to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office according to WSAW.

Since then, the school has decided to close down the transgender restroom. The Christian Post reports,

Captain Terri Hook from the Sheriff’s office said that the gender-neutral bathroom has now been closed, and that the school hadn’t sent a message to parents because it was an isolated incident and the student had been removed from the school.

The Family Research Council has compiled a list of 21 incidents that have happened because of the transgender accommodation laws enacted around the country.

That it takes a case of child sexual assault to undo the insanity around these stupid laws and accommodations of derangement syndrome and self-delusional mental illness is itself maddening. Lipstick and mascara can’t hide stupid.


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