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Adult Male Drag Queen Dances in Sexually-Suggestive Way For a Little Girl as Mom Claps and Cheers



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The entire drag queen adult entertainment industry is bad enough in that it’s sexually inappropriate for any human being — but that children around the world are being subjected to this disgusting trend should be an outrage to anyone with any semblance of morality.

Sadly, that isn’t the case as children around the planet are being shipped in droves to drag queen story hours and even public schools are hosting drag queens to indoctrinate Kindergarten-age children and even preschoolers into an LGBTQ-affirming lifestyle.

In this video, watch as this mother allows a grown man scantily clad as a woman in risque clothing dance in a sexually-suggestive way for this little girl — who appears to be about 5-years-old — as all the adults, including the mom, sit around and clap and cheer.


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