Why Aren’t “Faith Healers” Like Francis Chan, Todd White, and Todd Bentley in China Fighting the Coronavirus?


Todd White, Todd Bentley, and now, interestingly but unsurprisingly, Francis Chan have told countless stories about how they’ve healed sick people, cured chronic and mortal diseases, and even raised people from the dead. Interestingly, however, there has never once been any unassailable proof of their claims.

Francis Chan — who recently departed the faith to join the faith-healer charismatic cult — recently told a story of how he healed countless people in Myanmar. “Every person I touched was healed. I have never experienced this in 52 years,” he told his audience at Moody Bible Institute. But what he didn’t tell them is that nobody saw it, nobody can attest to it, nobody can vouch for it, and, of course, there was no video or medical documentation of it. That is typical.

But what a better way to prove to the world that you’re not just another charismatic crazy quack with false testimonies of faux-healings than to go to China and start healing people of the worst pandemic of a deadly viral disease the world has seen in this generation? Why are they silent? Why aren’t they there, in China, healing people and ending this outbreak of coronavirus?

When Jesus healed people, the world saw it. The people witnessed it. And the Scriptures attest to it. Jesus didn’t heal people for the simple purpose of just those he healed knowing about it. Jesus healed people to prove to the world who he was. Further, he gave the Apostles and certain others the power to perform miracles not simply for the purpose of lessening suffering in the world but to establish the authority of God’s Word of which they spoke and wrote. These miracles were never performed in obscure places but were done in the presence of the world to witness.

Today, those who claim the power to heal people, cure people of sickness, and even raise people from the dead interestingly only do it places of obscurity without any form of documentation or evidence. This is why it’s prevalent in third-world countries — like Myanmar. Because people like Francis Chan can come back and say “every person I touched was healed” without worrying about tribal people without any form of technology being able to out him.


The reason Chan, White, and Bentley — and anyone else who claims to be able to heal people — won’t go to China to heal people of the COVID-19 coronavirus is simple: they can’t. They have no power to heal people. These men are liars and deceivers. It’s sad that Francis Chan has taken that path, but Francis Chan has now joined the ranks of liars and deceivers around the world. Some of these men may have slightly different motives than others for doing this, but one thing is clear — they do it for to appease their own appetites.

For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

Romans 16:18

Michael Brown, the world’s most renowned apologist for Satan, has relentlessly defended the heresy these people spread like wildfire throughout third-world countries — where apparently phones don’t have working cameras — and makes excuses for their wicked behavior while labeling those who are skeptical as “hyper critics.”

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On a positive note, the medical community — which is a product of Western civilization, an actual gift from God — is making positive strides to combat the disease. We should be praying for this.

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