Black Pastor Blasts “Woke Church” Movement For Not Opposing Planned Parenthood


The “woke church” — a movement spearheaded by Evangelicals such as Eric Mason and hip-hop artist, Lecrae — is famous for being asleep and completely oblivious to the true problems which plague the African American community — particularly abortion. While most, not all, “woke” evangelicals will acknowledge that abortion is a problem, for the most part, it doesn’t nearly rise to the level of their perceived view of “white supremacy.”

“Everybody’s talking about being woke,” Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. preached during a sermon preached at the Upper Room Church of God in Christ. “Woke? Woke? And you didn’t know that Margaret Sanger … said this?” speaking of the “evils of Planned Parenthood” and the racists eugenics behind the abortion giant’s founder, Margaret Sanger.

“How are you going to be a woke church and don’t know this?” he passionately told his congregation. “You bishops and pastors and leaders out there. Have you ever told your congregations about the number one killer of African Americans, an organization that kills more African Americans every two weeks than the clan did in its entire history? You are not qualified to use the word woke.”

While a growing segment of Evangelicalism is latching on this “woke church” movement, many are completely unaware of these things that truly plague society and the black community. Instead of teaching Christians how to think biblically about these things, instead, they are promoting a heretic, Martin Luther King, who also supported Planned Parenthood and even won the Margaret Sanger award from Planned Parenthood in 1966 — all in the name of being “woke.”

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