Rogue SBC Entity, ERLC Announces They Will Not Comply With Executive Committee Investigation Efforts


Tuesday, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, which is overseen by Ronnie Floyd, former Southern Baptist president along with JD Greear, the current SBC president announced they would put together a task force to investigate the financial impact on the Cooperative Program that the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has.

The ERLC is a progressive, rogue entity of the Southern Baptist Convention that does not represent the majority of Southern Baptists but a select subsect of social justice activists who are vocal in moving the denomination to the left. Led by former Democrat staffer, Russell Moore, the ERLC has opposed much of the current U.S. presidency and has been friendly with Democrats.

Russell Moore has pushed numerous progressive agendas including hijacking the pro-life movement to include such things as affirmative action for minorities, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and has painted conservatives who oppose social justice as “idolaters of power.” The Ethics and Religious Liberty has promoted pro-choice Democrats over Donald Trump and justified it by implying that fighting abortion politically is a lost cause. And while the ERLC is not officially associated with George Soros, Russell Moore himself pushes much of his leftist agenda through another organization which he leads, the Evangelical Immigration Table, which receives much of its funding from George Soros and other leftist organizations.

The ERLC was behind the firing of an ex-gay conservative professor at Southwestern Seminary because of his strong anti-homosexual views. The ERLC has pushed a pro-homosexual agenda that seeks to soften the Church’s stance on homosexuality and become more open and inclusive to those who openly identify as “same-sex-attracted.”

In the meantime, Russell Moore is wasting time pushing animal rights and pondering if pets go to heaven and what we should do if we ever encounter space aliens. The ERLC’s progressive leanings and rogue posturing have caused some churches to withhold funds from the Southern Baptist Convention until the problem is solved.

After the Executive Committee (EC) announced their intent to investigate the rogue entity, several sycophantic ERLC ladder-climbers and groupies were up-in-arms claiming that the EC had no right to launch an investigation against the ERLC and are overstepping their authority by doing so. SBC V̶o̶i̶c̶e̶s̶ Echos, which is operated by the SBC’s very own Company Man™, Dave Miller is notorious for, well, echoing anything that comes out of the current Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

The ERLC responded in kind with an announcement that they will not comply with the investigation removing all doubt that the entity is rogue. Of course, Russell Moore knows that he does not represent the vast majority of Southern Baptists and does not want to bring unwanted attention from the conservative base embedded deep within the denomination. He knows that most Southern Baptists are unaware that their tithe dollars are going to support his progressive causes.

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In a letter published on the ERLC website by the trustees today, they wrote that “the task force inappropriately seizes the responsibility and work of the ERLC trustees,”

All this being the case, we as members of the Executive Committee of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission consider it critical that messengers at the SBC Annual Meeting be given the opportunity to signal whether they agree with the Executive Committee’s action in the creation of this task force. Should messengers approve such a task force, we will be happy to entertain questions. Until then, we are instructing Dr. Moore and the ERLC not to comply with it until messengers have an opportunity to signal their belief that such a task force is appropriate and legitimate.  

The entire letter of non-cooperation can be read at this link.

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