Francis Chan Says Homosexuality Not Worse than Divorce, Approaches Them the Same Way


Francis Chan has not only gone completely off the rockers lately, but he has taken many with him. Francis Chan has surrounded himself with the worst of the worst, and guess what, Chan — who used to at one point hold to some semblance of orthodoxy — has fully embraced the false teachings of faux faith-healer, Todd White.

Chan has already embraced the Roman Catholic heresy of transubstantiation in the Eucharist and some, including one Catholic priest, have speculated that Chan will soon depart the faith and join the Catholic harlot and now he has fully immersed himself in the prosperity gospel and believes himself to be a faith-healer.

Now, Chan has embraced a new movement that seeks to downplay the sinfulness of homosexuality and compare it to other sins, like divorce. Of course, as Christians, we believe that God hates divorce and that it is a sin — but God does not treat all sins the same nor does His law deal with them equally.

Chan says in the video below that homosexuality is no different than divorce and that he rejects the idea that Christians treat homosexuality as worse than other sins.

Chan is wrong, though. Homosexuals are like extreme sex addicts — they hate the fact that they love their perverse desires. This is why they constantly seek affirmation. The Imago Dei eats them up and when someone else even comes close to validating that their conscience, which bears witness against their sin, is actually RIGHT, they despise it and will direct the worse kind of hostility toward that person. They hate the Church because she reminds them of their wickedness every day.


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