Al Mohler Contradicts SBC President JD Greear, Christians Should NOT Use “Preferred Pronouns” for Transgenders


The Southern Baptist Convention’s hip, booty-shaking president, JD Greear has made it clear that he’s on board with identifying with and capitulating to the culture in his ongoing effort to be relevant to the world and has told America’s largest Protestant denomination that it’s not only okay, but it’s hospitable to use the preferred pronouns of transgender people who are confused about their sexuality.

When preaching a sermon on Romans 1 last year, Greear told his congregation that other sins were more egregious than homosexuality. It was during that sermon that he infamously quoted the female pastor from Village Church, Jen Wilkin,

We ought to whisper about what the Bible whispers about, and we ought to shout about what the Bible shouts about. And the Bible appears more to whisper when it comes to sexual sin compared to it shouts about materialism and religious pride.

This was the beginning of what would be a nightmare of confusion for Southern Baptists who sought biblical guidance on how to handle the transgender issue both inside and outside of the Church.

Albert Mohler, in a recent effort to prove himself a conservative and capable of turning the Southern Baptist Convention’s deadly spiral into liberalism around — even though he employs liberals and progressives at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — recently renounced the superficially “pronoun hospitality” view taken by Greear and said that this is something Christians cannot do.

Though Mohler, as usual, refused to address anyone by name, it is clear that the position he took on his program today was in contradiction to Greear’s stated advice. Mohler said on The Briefing today,

There is a further issue here, next, when we think about this issue. How should we as Christians think about the pronoun question? I’ve addressed that now for a number of years. I addressed it in my book, We Cannot Be Silent. I want to come back to it at this moment to say that the context has changed even from when I wrote that book. When I wrote that book, there was a kind of moral pressure coming from the secular left to adopt this kind of preferred personal pronoun language. Now it is not just cultural pressure. It is coming, as this news article makes clear, with coercion. It is coming with the coercion that if you do not follow these rules, you can’t teach. You can’t stand in the classroom. You can’t be employed by this institution or this school. Now, for Christians, we have to recognize that once you adopt this language, you have adopted the new rules of the new morality. That’s the big problem. That’s why I would encourage Christians not to use these kinds of pronouns and to recognize that the coercion to use these kinds of pronouns is going to come to all of us virtually everywhere, every workplace, every classroom, every civic organization. It is going to become more expected and more demanded, but let’s understand what is at stake. If you adopt the new rules of the new language or linguistic system, you are also adopting the new morality that those rules are intended to serve.

While this view is respectable and commendable, it alone does not undo much of the mess created over the last few years by Mohler and he has a long way to go to earn the trust of conservatives if he wishes to be seen as a conservative leader in the denomination. As of now, his reputation is tainted by his capitulation to as well as silence on progressive movements in the Southern Baptist Convention.

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