Pastor and Descendant of Robert E. Lee Announces He’s Going to Preach a Gay Valentine’s Day Sermon


The “reverend” Rob Lee is a descendant of the Civil War’s most famous confederate leader, General Robert E. Lee who denounced his great-great-great-great uncle referring to him as “an idol of white supremacy, racism and hate.”

Of course, those who read “racism,” “white supremacy,” and “hate” into every aspect of society are, in nearly every single instance, pre-disposed to either homosexuality or gay-affirmation. And this is obviously the case with the North Carolina “reverend” Robert Wright Lee who announced he’s preparing to preach a gay Valentine’s Day service.

Should anyone be surprised by this? Probably not, but it does go to show how unbiblical forms of social justice and homosexuality usually end up partnering together to oppose the truth of God.

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