SBC Conference Speaker Hosted a “Bible” Series Based on the Sexually Explicit “Game of Thrones” TV Show

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David Hughes, pastor of Church of the Glades in Coral Springs, Florida was chosen by FBC Orlando lead pastor, David Uth to speak at the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors’ Conference in June 2020. Hughes literally runs his church like a circus. (See image below.)

According to Hughes, this is the kind of thing they do every Sunday. From Stormtrooper dances to cover performances of Beyonce’s trash, Church of the Glades can be considered anything but a church. Yet, somehow, Uth thought it appropriate to have a man like this address thousands of Southern Baptist pastors leading them in prayer, worship, and preaching.

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The deep, dirty hole of Hughes and Church of the Glades keeps getting deeper, though. While circus performances, Disney Medleys, and Beyonce covers could be written off as “clean fun” — though it’s literally stupid and a mockery of God’s church — practically every breathing born-again Christian on the planet would affirm that sexually-explicit television shows like Game of Thrones are highly inappropriate for churches to indulge in.

Except for David Hughes.

David Hughes, on the other hand, finds it appropriate to appeal the carnal flesh of unregenerate men by offering them a “photo op” and preaching a series based on the sexually explicit television show, Game of Thrones which was being advertised as “All the Drama & Intrigue Without the Nudity.”

It’s unclear how a man who is supposed to preach and teach the Word of God and have a prophetic voice among the sheep under his care at his church would find this appropriate. This is, of course, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Church is supposed to look like.

But there’s more. There’s also this sexually explicit “worship” service featuring scantily clad women,

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