Charismatic Pastor Says America Is Safe From Coronavirus Because Trump Is Anti-Abortion


Hank Kunneman, pastor of One Voice Ministries in Nebraska says that the United States will be protected from Coronavirus because Donald Trump has a record of being anti-abortion. Late last year, Kunneman said that abortion gives demons the “blood right” to carry out mass shootings in America.

Kunneman is a false prophet who is popular among charismatic circles and heavily promoted by Charisma Magazine.

“Listen to the words that I speak to you at this moment, says the Living God,” Kunneman said.

Why do you fear, United States? For I have spoke to you before, and I speak to you again. I have extended and opened a window of mercy to this nation at this time. Therefore the virus that they speak of, the prognostication, the diagnosis, my mercy is the quarantine that shall be greater than what they have spoken to you, United States.

Of course, this is absurd and completely ridiculous. Scripture in no way guarantees any safety from temporal ailments because of any president or political leader’s actions on a particular issue. What is clear, however, is that America is quickly being given over to sexual immorality and the false prophets of Baal — like Kunneman — for our failure to acknowledge God, repent, and submit to His Son Jesus Christ.

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