The Gospel Coalition Gets Hammered After Publishing Mother Earth Gaia Worship Nonsense

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It’s rather intriguing that anyone who actually believes the Bible can take The Gospel Coalition (TGC) seriously anymore. After spending years of fighting against the onslaught of unbiblical ideas that are continuously spewed from the busted pipes of the organization, more and more people are finally starting to see TGC for what it is — a nefarious progressive organization designed to shift the views of Evangelicals to the left, both politically and theologically.

Earlier today, we reported that TGC published an article stating that artists are prophets and intercessors and that to learn to love the world around us, we need to “listen to her [the Earth’s] art.” My first thought when I saw this is that it was a parody or some kind of satire. Surely, nobody — not even The Gospel Coalition — could really publish something like that. Sadly, however, I was wrong and TGC actually has people that believe these kinds of things.

Thankfully, however, after TGC published the article, there were plenty of people to cut right to the chase and call it what it is. As of this writing, the thread on Twitter following TGC’s publishing of this article consists of at least 72 comments — all which oppose the idiocy of it. Below are a few of those comments.

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