Bethel Church Preaches Entire Sermon About Kobe Bryant Saying Saying it Will Be More Helpful Than Scripture

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Eric Johnson of Bethel Church preached a sermon this past weekend on Kobe Bryant declaring that they would not actually be diving into the Scriptures because, well, that isn’t helpful. Johnson said he’s going to talk about something that’s going to actually be helpful — “cultural moments” of Kobe Bryant’s death.

We’re not going to be unpacking Scripture today. We’re not going to be diving into that. I just want to talk about something a little bit different that I actually think will be helpful for all of us at some point.

According to BC&C, the sermon was true to Johnson’s words regarding the lack of Scripture and even included a message about how the lead pastor, Bill Johnson’s father used to allow Roman Catholics to preach from the pulpit.

Eric Johnson devotes an entire Sunday morning service to Kobe Bryant. Yep, zero Scripture, and completely blasphemous and idolatrous. Notice how he brings up that Bill’s dad Earl would let Catholic priests preach from his pulpit! Ecumenicalism on display. What a Godless movement Bethel is.

At about the 20-minute mark, you can hear Johnson tell this story.

My grandpa was a king … you see, when he was pastoring, this was a number of years ago, you weren’t allowed to bring someone from outside your denomination or the line that you lived within. And Grandpa somehow said, “ehh, that doesn’t apply to me.” And he would bring a Catholic priest in to stand on the podium of his church and preach.

While this church has long been apostate, it’s abundantly clear that they have fully embraced Roman Catholicism. A while back, the student ministry took a road trip to a Roman Catholic school to worship together as the pastor bowed at the Catholic priest’s feet as the priest and praises their idolatry.

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry is the training extension of the cult known as Bethel Church in Redding, CA. If you’re familiar with the cult of Bethel Redding, you’re aware they practice such things as grave sucking (or grave soaking) whereby people lay on the graves of dead people to “soak” the anointing from them.

They also put glitter in the air vents and, somehow, the people of the congregation are duped into believing that it’s a manifestation of the Holy Spirit floating around inside the sanctuary. And most recently, Bethel has been moving to fully embrace Roman Catholicism. It’s really weird stuff that you can read about at this link.

You can listen to the entire sermon on Kobe Bryant here.

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