Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri

Megachurch Holds Chiefs Pep Rally Between Services on Super Bowl Sunday Morning During Church

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The amount of idolatry prevalent in professing churches today is astonishing, to say the least. While God has a true remnant of believers who actually show up to church on Sunday mornings out of a desire to follow Christ and to worship Him, the vast majority of those institutions that call themselves churches are nothing more than synagogues of Satan.

When churches have been given over, they largely look no different than what the typical cultural movement looks like. This year was arguably the most blasphemous and Godless Super Bowl event in history — featuring drag queens while rejecting pro-life ads as “inappropriate.”

To make matters worse, the name of God has been blasphemed across the nation with idolatrous shows of sports-worship and even mocking the name of God by treating a Bible like a football and kicking it — in the pulpit.

Another church, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Liberty, Missouri is making waves in the news because it held a pep rally for the Kansas City Chiefs in between services on Sunday morning. Instead of setting aside time for prayer and worship of God and fellowship with the saints (of God, not the sports team), this church decides to idolize the sport by holding a pep rally for one of the teams.

Just imagine God’s favor being poured out among the people of this church while this is going on. Do you think God is smiling?


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