Christians Clap and Cheer as Jennifer Lopez Replaces Jesus on the Cross and is Worshiped as the Goddess of Sex

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The Super Bowl Halftime Show during the NFL game last night may have been the most blasphemous production ever put on by a major world organization. As the show was riddled with sex — and references to sex — it is clear that Americans have exchanged the true God for a god of lust.

And, perhaps, Jennifer Lopez presented herself as the face of this idolatry in last night’s halftime show.

During the show, Lopez put on a pole dance performance and presented herself as a sex object for the world to watch. But what was interesting is that during the performance, it appears she is raised up on what looks like a pose on the cross of Jesus while the surrounding people fall down on their faces in simulated worship.

Anyone who thinks this wasn’t by design is foolish.

But if you need more reason to believe, just look at the image below. This is an obvious depiction of the three crosses during Jesus’ crucifixion.

What’s sad is that so many Christians sat around and cheered and indulged in this blasphemy as it took place — even sitting around with their kids while watching this. How can one claim to be a Christian while seeing nothing wrong with this is beyond me.

If you were to die today, where would you go? Heaven? Hell? Not sure?

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