“Transgender Woman” Kidnaps Three Women, Tortures Them, Stabs One with HIV-Infected Needle

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WOMEN ARE HUMAN — Rotorua, North Island, NZ – A Corrections spokesperson revealed that a man who recently confessed to the kidnappings and severe torture of three women, and whose background includes over 200 criminal convictions, may be transferred to a women’s prison. During the attacks, each of which took place over two-hour periods, a woman lost consciousness repeatedly, and the assailant stabbed her with a used hypodermic needle, said to contain HIV. 

Blaine Maney, who was named Wayne prior to claiming a female identity, lost his home during the Housing New Zealand meth contamination testing scandal, which affected an estimated 830 people. 

On February 18, 2018, Mr. Maney moved into a room in a woman’s house. The next day, he accused the new housemate of stealing his belongings, including a phone, and called her “white skanky trash.” In retaliation, he smashed the woman’s phone against a brick wall. The frightened woman apologized, but Mr. Maney was again enraged the next day when he entered the home to see the woman with friends and believed his cigarettes had been stolen. Stating, “I see you have your thieving friends here again,” he threatened one of the housemate’s friends with a knife, and threw a crystal bowl, mug and pedestal fan at the women. He then held a used hypodermic needle threateningly to the housemate’s head. Telling her the needle contained HIV, he demanded the return of his cigarettes. 

Mr. Maney accused a woman he met in May 2018 of stealing his belongings. When the woman denied it, he tossed her to the floor and punched and kicked her repeatedly. Mr. Maney, who had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, stabbed the woman in the leg repeatedly with used hypodermic needles, and verbally abused her with such racist and sexist slurs as “n****r b***h.” The woman repeatedly lost consciousness, and the attacker would awaken her by splashing her with water. To stop the woman from fleeing, he struck her in the head with a door. He then made her clean up broken glass and her own blood. Forcing her into her car, he said she would be killed by the Mongrel Mob, which his family is “entrenched in,” according to court revelations. In violation of his bail conditions, he drove the woman to two locations. At the second stop, she was able to escape to a daycare center and alerted police. 

On June 7, Mr Maney accused a woman of stealing his methamphetamine, and warned, “You won’t be leaving this house alive.” When she denied the accusations, he shoved her into a chair and kicked her repeatedly. As she tried to flee, he “poked” her in the back with a knife. He then stabbed her in the head and arm with the knife, gripped her hair and shook her head about, and beat her over the head with a broom. Each time the woman irritated him by moaning or crying, he would stab her again. He forced her to use her clothing to clean up her blood. After stabbing her several times in the arm with scissors, he made her lay on the floor in a bra and tights to watch as he burned her clothes, phone, phone case, and passport. Mr. Maney later realized that the drugs he had believed stolen were in his underwear, where he had put them. He warned her that she and her family would be murdered by the Mongrel Mob if she sought medical attention or spoke to police. 

Arrested in June 2018, Mr. Maney was found to be in unauthorized possession of cannabis. In addition to the drug charge, he pleaded guilty to an assortment of other charges, including assault with a weapon, unlawful detention, wounding with intent to injure, threatening to kill, theft, and threatening to do GBH. 


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