Pastor Who Kicked Mother and Child From Congregation For Being Noisy Apologizes to Mother


Last week, Reformation Charlotte reported that Dan Smith is the senior pastor of United Church of Gallatin, TN, publicly asked a mother and child to leave the congregation during worship service because the child was being noisy. From the pulpit, he called out to the ushers to “show her where the nursery is” because he “doesn’t want to struggle with a child the whole time.”

Reportedly, the mother was embarrassed and shocked by the situation at the time and the grandmother of the child expressed her frustration on Facebook, writing that her daughter “was pretty upset and disappointed because she was looking for a church and found this one to be of her liking.

After the outcry from many in the congregation as well as others who read our report, the pastor apparently apologized to the mother and even welcomed them into the church and a baby dedication took place the following Sunday.

On the Church’s Facebook page, pictures of the baby-dedication were posted with commentary.

So thankful for Gods goodness, His mercy and how impactful His forgiveness is. Always amazed to see how He can use a…

Posted by United Church on Sunday, January 26, 2020

While we are thankful and glad that the pastor apologized to this mother and this situation was redeemed for the glory of God, we must also acknowledge that this is an ongoing issue in many churches. We understand that young children can be noisy and disruptive and sometimes, a nursery is a great service to offer parents during the service. But that it is a requirement is evident that the nuclear family is of little importance in many churches and a public rebuke to a mother with child is sad.

However, this pastor did the right thing and reconciled with this family — and for that, we are thankful.

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