Trump’s Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, Calls on God to Terminate “Satanic Pregnancies”


While Donald Trump himself was attending the March for Life this past week — making him the first U.S. president ever to do so — his “spiritual advisor,” Paula White is out praying and asking God to end what she calls “satanic pregnancies” in spontaneous abortion.

White, however, does not define what she thinks a “satanic pregnancy” is, however, which leaves one to only speculate — are these satanic pregnancies future Democrats? Or is this charismatic speak for principalities being raised up against the army of God? She isn’t real clear, as charismatic to use this language all the time.

As Christians, we believe all human beings are created in the Image of God and to call on God to end a pregnancy is not only foolish, it’s a direct assault on God’s image. It’s downright blasphemous.

God is the creator of life, not Satan. Ever. To call God’s creation Satanic is to blaspheme God.

Let’s not forget that Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, and many other Southern Baptists have been running around doing the bidding for this foolish heretic, promoting her books, and standing in unison with her while she leads our president on a path to spiritual damnation.


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