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Son of Former SBC President Says the Bible Teaches Escaped Sex-Trafficking Victims Should Be Returned to Masters

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Jonathan Merritt is an LGBTQ activist who was outed for a gay encounter he had with another man at a Christian conference in 2012. Merritt is the son of former Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president, James Merritt. Jonathan has been an open advocate for homosexual inclusion and has done the bidding for child sex-predators and perverts who insist on having access to children in public libraries.

Merritt now spends most of his time on social media railing against conservative, biblical Christianity and complaining about those who actually believe what the Bible says. Merritt, himself claims to be a Christian but his fruits fall demonstrably short of what the Scriptures describe as a true convert.

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While he constantly castigates sounds biblical orthodoxy as he defends the limp-wristed feminist men who exemplify progressive religiosity, twisting the Scriptures is par for the course for Jonathan Merritt — and a recent tweet is a prime example of his hatred for God’s word. He says,

Of course, anyone who actually knows the God of the Bible and his Son Jesus Christ knows that this is not only conclusively false but to imply that it is on par with God’s character to leave the innocent in the hands of wicked abusers is outright blasphemous. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 16:17).

On the other hand, however, Merritt’s point of contention took a decidedly different turn when he responded to criticism of his outright fabrication of God’s character. He then turns to equate slavery — in general — to “sex trafficking.”

In an attempt to defame the character of certain people who actually believe that the Word of God is authoritative and God’s nature as revealed in Scripture is our standard for morality, Merritt implies that those who don’t “admit” that slavery is “wrong” are, well, white supremacists who people need to be delivered from.

What Merritt cannot answer, however, is why slavery is wrong.

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From a man who rejects the authority of Scripture and abandons an objective standard of morality, one must wonder to whom or to what does Merritt appeal to make such an assertion. It is a matter of fact that the Scriptures never once condemn slavery. Certainly, some aspects of modern American chattel slavery — such as kidnapping and abusing — are condemned by Scripture. But that was a relatively small portion. The Scriptures do not treat slavery, in general, as sinful. In fact, quite the opposite, as we see in the book of Philemon.

So as these limp-wristed pansies who continue to call into question the Christianity of men who stand on the authority of Scripture — including those historic heroes of the faith like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards (who happened to own slaves) — we must continue to bear witness against the true conversion of those who succumb to cultural influences and practice a natural religion that seeks to mimic Christianity but clearly lacks the defining foundation, the gospel.

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