Lisa Bevere Twists the Scriptures on Fasting, Says You Can Fast from Anything Other Than Food to “Indulge in God”

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From the Bethel Church and Christianity Facebook page:

Lisa Bevere, an itinerant speaker at Bethel Church, says you can “fast” from whatever you want. i.e. “Fast magazines…Amazon Prime…” and “what may be a fast for you may not be a fast for someone else.”

What Lisa (and many others fail to understand) is the word for “fast,” (Heb: Tsowm; Grk: Nesteuo) in the original languages, literally means “not to eat.”

Also, we never see an example in the Bible of anyone fasting from anything other than food and always as a corollary.

Fasting is not about “indulging God,” as Lisa says. Fasting is an involuntary response to an outward influence and the Bible says fasting is always tied to mourning or some extreme situation/decision. One does not wake up and simply decide to fast; we do not fast to “get closer to God” or to “hear God better.”

Biblical Fasting:…/sermons-library/2231/fasting-without-…

Lisa’s Original Post:

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If you can’t fast FOOD then FAST WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK! For those of you looking to start your 2020 with a fast, keep this in mind: fasting isn’t so much about denying yourself as it is about INDULGING GOD.
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