French Comedian Blasted for Song Calling Jesus a Gay Slur, Apologizes to Gays For Using “Crude Expression”

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A French comedian has taken a lot of heat over a song he titled ” Jésus est pédé” which, translated into English, means “Jesus is a f****t.” The controversy comes after a mass of homosexuals complained about the use of the gay slur and, instead, would have preferred him to use more acceptable terms to present Jesus as a homosexual.

One French publication reports,

A “failed” column, a controversy on social networks, a complaint from an LGBT association and an apology. The “Jesus is f****t” sung by Frédéric Fromet on France Inter last Friday, in Charline Vanhoenacker’s program “By Jupiter”, was not agreed, to say the least .

The comedian and the director of public radio, Laurence Bloch, apologized and regretted Wednesday after a “failed chronicle”, in which the singer had therefore presented Christ as homosexual, “in the name of the fight against homophobia “.

Frédéric Fromet, who presents a parody song every Friday on the show, had sung this pastiche of “Jesus is coming back”, song from the film “Life is a long quiet river”, in which he had fun, with very crude expressions , to imagine Jesus Christ as an “LGBT member”.

“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus is a fagot LGBT member from the top of La Croix, why did you nail him, why didn’t you f*** him,” he sang in particular.

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