Girl Expelled From Christian School for “Gay Pride” Cake, Family Complains the School is too “Judgmental”


A girl was recently expelled from Whitefield Academy, a private Christian school in Louisville, KY for posting pictures on social media of her birthday party at a Texas Roadhouse Grill featuring a “gay pride” birthday cake. According to news reports, Kimberly Alford insists she isn’t gay and that the rainbow on the birthday cake “meant nothing.”

However, the report also states that Alford has received multiple disciplinary actions over the years — including dressing like a “tomboy” and tobacco products being found in her backpack — which ultimately led to her expulsion.

The Head of School, Bruce Jacobson explained in an email to the family that Alford’s posting of the image on social media “demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs” and follows two years of “lifestyle violations.” Jacobson denied the family’s appeal stating that it “just kind of represents gay pride” and that Alford “should have refused the cake.”

The family complained that the cake was just a generic cake they purchased which was labeled as “assorted colors.” Which begs the question, was her sweater — which also featured a rainbow — also labeled “assorted colors” at the department store?

The family states that she is now in public school and “adjusting well” but that “she also seems stressed and overwhelmed at times.”

I felt like (Whitefield Academy) had a positive impact on her, but I just feel like those religious beliefs they are imposing now are very judgmental. That’s not what I wanted for her.

“Those religious beliefs” — like the ones that say sexual immorality is incompatible with Christianity? If you’re not going to act like a Christian — and you reject Christian beliefs — why go to a Christian school?

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