Demonic Kundalini Spirit at The Send Conference? Watch and Tell Us Your Thoughts

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Kundalini is a Pagan occult practice closely linked to Hinduism but also prevalent in charismatic circles of various other faiths — including charismatic “Christianity.” What often accompanies charismatic “worship” music is repetitive lyrics and beats that will cause people to go into a trance-like state. Even John MacArthur has said of this kind of music, “This is paganism. This is the Kundalini cult…This is what Hindus do.”

One YouTuber found a video of a young man at The Send Conference last year — which featured popular charismatic false teachers such as Todd White and Francis Chan — who appears to be in an uncontrollable, violently shaking state. The person taking the video accuses him of being possessed by the “Kundalini spirit.” Watch the video and leave your thoughts below.

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