Jessica Yaniv

Lunatic Man Who Keeps Suing to Have His Genitals Waxed Caught Assaulting a Journalist on Camera

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Jessica Yaniv, the crazy lunatic that keeps suing conservative wax shops who refused to wax his genitals, was recently caught on camera assaulting a journalist covering a hearing at the courthouse.

Late last year, a court ruled against Yaniv stating that estheticians were not required to wax a “type of genitals” they weren’t trained to wax. Yaniv has not stopped, however, attempting to force his sexual perversion on everyone everywhere he goes. The Brazilian immigrant to Canada previously succeeded in getting one wax shop to close its doors after refusing him service.

Canadian journalist Keean Bexte writes, “J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse. I need an advil.”

Watch: (Caution, strong language.)


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