Francis Chan Soon to Apostatize? Catholic Priest is Convinced Francis Chan is Converting to Catholicism


Last week, Reformation Charlotte reported that Francis Chan seemed to be embracing the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist known as “transubstantiation.” Chan stated in a sermon posted online that he has now “learned” that for the first 1500 years of Church history, “everyone” believed that the Eucharist was not “just a symbol” but the “literal body and blood of Jesus.”

Of course, this is patently false and provably so for anyone who seriously studies church history and biblical doctrine. Transubstantiation is not something that can be taken away from any serious Bible reading.

In a recent video published online by a Roman Catholic priest, the priest — who goes by the name Father Kyle Manno — says that he is convinced that Francis Chan is in the midst of a conversion to Roman Catholicism.

This is not Chan’s first dabbling into Roman Catholic mysticism and false teachings. Chan, despite his solid theological educational background at John MacArthur’s Masters’ Seminary, is highly compromised. Earlier in 2019, at an ecumenical gathering of charismatics and Catholics, Chan removes his shoes on stage while several Catholic priests pray over him.

At the same event, Chan declines to share the gospel with a Catholic, stating “I don’t believe the Holy Spirit wants me to.”

Chan, if not on a path to full conversion to Roman Catholicism is most certainly and undoubtedly apostate. He has at the very least embraced an ecumenical view that rejects the authority of Scripture and exchanges it for the authority of Church tradition.

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