Blasphemous “Gay Jesus” Comedy Removed From Netflix by Judge’s Order

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In a stunning display of judicial overreach, a Brazilian judge has ordered the removal of a blasphemous comedy on Netflix that depicted Jesus as a homosexual. Reformation Charlotte reported early last December that Netflix was airing a “Christmas” special by Porta dos Fundos, which received over a million signatures on a petition calling on Netflix to remove the movie.

Porta dos Fundos, a comedy channel on YouTube, published a movie depicting Jesus as a homosexual who brings his boyfriend home to meet Mary and Joseph. Netflix, which aired the movie titled A Primeira Tentação de Cristo, or The First Temptation of Christ, was petitioned by conservatives — mostly Roman Catholics — in Brazil where the movie was being aired.

According to The Guardian, a Rio de Janeiro judge, Benedicto Abicair, responded to a petition by a Brazilian Catholic organization that argued the “honor of millions of Catholics” was “hurt” by the airing of The First Temptation of Christ.

Netflix and the movie’s producers all declined to comment on the ruling, however, the ruling judge commented that the program’s removal “is beneficial not only to the Christian community but to Brazilian society which is mostly Christian.”

While we are glad to see that the movie has been removed, this should not be viewed as a “victory” for Christians. Christians should not support or condone government legislation or judicial action over free speech rights. If the judicial system can order such a removal from a private company, they can also order the removal of Christian media that is deemed “harmful” to other groups such as LGBTQ, effectively banning the proclamation of the gospel.

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