Robert Gagnon on Facebook’s Censorship of Christian Views of Sexuality


The following was written by Dr. Robert Gagnon, a Presbyterian pastor and professor of New Testament Theology at Houston Baptist University, and former associate professor of the New Testament at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. The article from PJ Media that Gagnon references is titled Transgender Surgery Scars Are ‘Beautiful,’ Jazz Jennings’ Mom Says and can be read at this link. This was originally posted on Dr. Gagnon’s Facebook page.

[All my FB friends, I am requesting that you share this to get the word out. FB’s game is to isolate a few and scare the rest. It’s time to protest the threat to free civil speech around controversial issues.] Censorious, gnostic, and hateful Facebook administrators prove my point that the Democratic Party promotes the silencing of everyone who questions the celebration of surgical “transsexualism.” They have outrageously removed a post of mine from Jan. 3, claiming it to be “hate speech” so that they can promote an extremist sex agenda. I had linked to an article on entitled “Transgender Surgery Scars Are ‘Beautiful,’ Jazz Jennings’ Mom Says.” I also attached a comment that the mother was celebrating her “son’s elective, self-mutilation castration surgery,” which of course is an accurate description of what the scar was about:

(1) Her son had his male genitals removed. That is called “castration.” (2) Since there was no medical requirement that the genitals be surgically amputated it could only be considered “elective surgery.” (3) Since too the surgery had the effect of removing healthy functioning organs it constitutes “mutilation” of his male body. These are all indisputable points. (4) I also referred to this as an “abhorrent practice” because the united witness of Scripture treats it as such (I am a Christian); indeed, even in the absence of direct revelation one can reason from indirect revelation that it is “contrary to nature” to amputate perfectly healthy, functioning sex organs.

To call such remarks “hate speech” is ludicrous. That’s like saying that pointing out the problems with celebrating adult-committed incest or polyamory constitutes “hate speech.” We speak out precisely because we don’t want to see people harm themselves through the influence of hard-Left sexual propaganda. That is true love, not “hate.” As the apostle Paul rightly indicated, hate is the promotion (not criticism) of dishonoring and degrading sexual behavior that mars the image of God stamped on our being.

Ironically, I gave this warning in the post: “There is one Party promoting this abhorrent practice (along with the indoctrinating ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’) and seeking to fine and fire you for questioning it, and one group of ‘elite’ evangelicals who are relatively unconcerned about putting this Party in power. Mark my words: Putting Dems in power will result one day in the State overruling your parental authority and mandating such an operation for your ‘trans’-identified minor child. This is already enacted law in Democratic-controlled California for foster children.”

By characterizing our Christian beliefs as “hate speech,” FB administrators invite violent acts to be committed against us, which ironically fits one of their own definitions of “hate speech”: “We define hate speech as language that attacks people based on their . . . religious affiliation.”

Thanks, anti-democratic FB censors, for underscoring the truth of my point that we are facing totalitarian control of our speech by “Democrats.”

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