2YO Grandson of Jim Beam’s Former CEO Dressed Up by Mom Like a Girl and Taken to Visit Drag Queens


The world is a peculiar place. There is much room for disagreement on a variety of issues. But there was once a time where pretty much everyone agreed that handing children over to sex perverts was simply wrong.

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Brett Berish and his children.

Reformation Charlotte consistently reports on the happenings of the Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon that is plaguing the country. It should never be shocking that a man who can’t even figure out which sports team he’s supposed to play is also unable to figure out that certain sex acts are illegal. This is why many of them have found themselves with charges and even convictions of sexual assault and various other sex-related crimes over the span of their lifetimes.

It’s now come to light that the daughter-in-law of a high-profile liquor executive has been dressing his grandson up like a girl and taking him to visit cross-dressers.

Alana Berish is the wife of Brett Berish, one of the partners of Sovereign Brands LLC — a wine and champagne maker. Brett Berish is the son of Barry Berish, the former CEO of Jim Beam Brands Co. Brett and Alana currently live in the former home of Groupon’s co-founder — an 11,000 square foot home valued at over $5 million. According to this same report, the Berish’s sold a champagne brand to popular hip-hop artist, Jay Z.


Other photos of the Drag Queen Story Hour event that was held at the Glencoe Public Library in Chicago — which we reported on earlier today — can be seen here.

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