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Beth Moore Says She’s Going to Try to be “Less Annoying” in 2020



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Beth Moore is arguably the most annoying person in the world, sure. But simply “being annoying” isn’t really her problem. Beth Moore is arguably single-handedly at the root of some of the main reasons the Southern Baptist Convention is headed toward schism.

Nevertheless, Beth Moore announces on Twitter that in 2020, she will “try to be less annoying.”

So, one can only ask, does this mean she’s going to heed the words of John MacArthur and “go home”? Does this mean she is going to try to be less rebellious when it comes to obeying Scripture and preaching, especially to men? Will she actually acknowledge that homosexuality is sinful rather than write it off as she did all through 2019? Will she stop attacking biblical gender roles? Will she stop running around with gay activists to oppose conservatism? Will she stop running around with rank apostates and heretics and leading, literally, millions of people into temptation? Because all of these things are annoying.

Here’s a good start for Beth Moore if she wants to be less annoying in 2020:

  • She can repent, go home, and learn in quietness and full submission.
  • She can advocate for unborn children.
  • She can advocate for biblical sexual ethics.
  • She can advocate for biblical patriarchy.
  • She could teach younger women to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine.
  • She could get off Twitter.

But I suspect her affinity for her notoriety and fortune will prevent her from doing these things.


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